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Google Goes Water and Sails To Impress Traders and Consumers

Google floating data center

Apple has over 400 retail brick and mortar stores in 13 countries to go along with their on-line store and have annual sales figures in the $16 Billion dollar range. With numbers like those, it is no surprise to see other formally Internet only companies looking to break ground at a shopping mall near you. Not one to be left out in the cold is Google – the search engine, android marketing, do everything it can to make a dollar company that is already floating down the coasts of the US.

A Company With No Sales Shocks Traders – Turns Down Billions


Facebook has been on a buying spree. Flush with cash from their IPO, and their further gain in stock valuation, has created a bit of a tech hungry juggernaut. They already bought up Instagram for a billion dollars, picked up Onovo for a cool $150 Million and there are even whispers they were in talks to buy out both BlackBerry and Twitter. But when they came knocking with a $3 Billion Dollar offer to pick up a company who has no income and has never made a single sale – the company said no.

Virtualization On a Trading Computer Can Save Your Software

Before you rush out and buy new software for your Windows 7 trading system check to see if your existing software can run in XP mode. Older financial management programs such as Intuit’s QuickBooks Pro 2007 and even contact managers like ACT! 2000 can be run successfully through virtualization. The prices to upgrade existing software from an older system to your new machine can be very costly – but the fix can free.

Wired or Wireless Trading Comes Down to Noise and Hot Coffee

Wi-Fi, RF, Infrared, and even Bluetooth connected trading computers have certain advantages over those strapped to a cable. Being able to move your system to the far end of your house without needing to drop a CAT6 Ethernet line from the attic also save on instillation costs while a wireless mouse and keyboard also de-clutter your desk. These distinct benefits may be far outweighed by their potential for failure from all of the electronic noise around you.

Get The Most From Your Laptop Trading Computer Investment

Laptop in Fire and Water

Today’s specialized laptops are fast enough for even the most demanding traders and are great for trading on the road. In some cases, traders are even retiring their desktops and relying more on mobile technology. Let’s examine several tips and tweaks that will help your laptop to get a bit more speed, maximize battery life, and also protect your investment.

Seeing Delays With Trades? Blame Netflix and YouTube.


The Internet is a huge vast expanse of interconnected computers and networks. Cables stretch from one end of the globe to the other and back again several times. One thing that will always be the limiting factor in how fast computers can communicate with always be the available speed bandwidth. Now imagine that out of the millions of computers and servers vying for connections that there are just two that are using up over 50% of the available network data in North America.

Three Free Handy Breaking Financial News Apps for Traders

mobile apps

It has been said there is no such thing as bad press – unless of course if the news story send your holdings into an uncontrollable death spiral. All it takes a rumor about a CFO cooking the books or the death of a highly respected CEO to send the markets into chaos. Once a story hits you might be the last to know about it unless you keep abreast of the breaking news.

Warning – Hackers Holding Trader’s Computers Ransom


Stop! Do not open any e-mail attachments, even those from trusted contacts, until you read this entire post. There is a new malware infection going around that will cost you quite a bit of money if you become a victim. If you refuse to comply with the hacker’s monetary demands, you can kiss your files goodbye forever. (more…)

Playing Video Games Is Good For A Trader’s Brain

video games

Stop looking at your charts for a while and fire up a game of Solitaire. Multiple studies have shown that playing games is actually very therapeutic and not a waste of time like one might accept as true. From pain relief to improving decision making playing games appears to one of the keys to staying mentally fit and happy.