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Phishing for Trader’s AmEx Cards with E-Mail Messages

Phishing scam

It seems as if a week does not pass without seeing another warning about a new and improved email scam targeting our financial or personal information. Unlike many of the blatantly obvious fake email messages filled with broken English and spelling errors this one has been very successful in getting users to willingly part with their data.

Use Your Trading Computer From Afar? There’s An App For That

Mobile apps

Mobile technology is great. It lets us check our email and keep in touch when on the road or even while flying above it. Sometimes it would be rather convenient if we could access and use our trading computers from afar – but who wants to pack everything up and drag them along for the trip. But if you have a smartphone or tablet you actually can do it all remotely.

New and Very Sophisticated Scam Traders Need to Be Aware Of

Scam Alert

On Halloween, the Internal Revenue Service released an urgent bulletin warning of a new and incredibly refined scam that has been hitting victims all over the country. Taxpayers are receiving telephone calls claiming they owe back taxes and must pay immediately or they will be arrested, deported, or even have their drivers licenses revoked.

The Adobe Website Hack Is Likely To Impact Traders Worldwide

Stolen credit cards

Back in early October, hackers managed to infiltrate Adobe’s website and gain access to user account information, credit card data, and worst of all the source code for Adobe’s products. While original numbers put out claimed around 2 million affected user accounts were compromised – new data suggests it could actually be closer to 38 million and perhaps as high as 150 million.

Annual Halloween Sales Figures Might Frighten Some Traders


Americans are spending less on their Halloween decorations and knickknacks this year due to their unfavorable outlooks on the economy, higher taxes, and lower disposable incomes. Nevertheless, with an expected $7 billion dollars in sales expected for the 2013 season it will still be a much-needed boost to retailers and wholesale manufacturing. It may however paint a poor picture for the upcoming holiday retail sales numbers.

The Google Smartwatch – Reasons for Traders to Stock Watch

Google Smartwatch

ABI Research estimates the wearable device market could expand to over 485 million production units in just the next 5 years. Samsung, Apple, Nike, and several other manufacturers have jumped into the smartwatch and wearable device market – so what would Google offer that could be any different.

Three Common Mistakes That Always End Badly For Traders

losing investment money

Every trader at some point in his or her career is going to make a mistake or two and some are likely to be very costly. However, even these expensive mistakes are a very valuable learning tool that even the most successful traders have had their fair share of. Growing and learning from their errors is what sets winning traders apart from those who fail to adapt.

Is Windows 8.1 Finally Ready For Prime Time Trading Use?

Windows 8.1

After months of scorn from critics, and pretty blatant hate filled comments from Windows 8 users alike, Microsoft has released the final retail version of their latest Windows operating system – Windows 8.1. It is a free upgrade to existing Windows 8 users and it is highly recommended as update to existing Windows 8 computers – but should the rest of the world abandon Windows 7 and make the leap?

Traders Be Aware Your Smartphones May Aid In ID Theft

Password Padlock

We take them everyplace and store untold amounts of personal information on them. You might think that you would lose more information if your wallet was stolen but our smartphones contain all the data an ID thief would need to take over our lives. Over 12.6 million people were victimized last year alone.

Underwater Wireless Warning Systems and Scuba Diving Traders

Wireless network

Your smartphone is capable of connecting to wireless networks all over the world unless you happen to be under water. However, even this limitation could be resolved soon. Using a network of widely dispersed sensors, researchers have unveiled plans to create an underwater Internet. If successful this technology can potentially improve early warning systems, help with the gathering of scientific data, and may even make “surfing the web” an actual real experience.