EZ Trading Computers’ Price Guarantee:

EZ TRADING COMPUTERS will beat the price of any i7 Trading Computer configured* using the customize now buttons or configurators on websites owned by legitimate online companies specializing in Trading Computers.

*Any i7 Trading Computer Configuration means same Intel i7 processor and processor speed (GHZ), quantity of RAM, hard drive types & sizes, number of monitors supported and operating system.  It does not mean matching exact brands of components, or warranty.  The price must be attained using competitor’s online configuration tool.

Feel free to call us directly regarding this guarantee at 800-387-5250


100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee:

We are so convinced that you going to absolutely love your new EZ Trading Computer that we GUARANTEE it!   In fact, if you don’t find your EZ Trading Computer to be the fastest, highest quality computer you have ever owned, we will give you a 100% refund plus WE WILL PAY THE COST OF SHIPPING BOTH WAYS within the first 14 days from the delivery date.   There is no risk to you whatsoever.

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