Turbo Boost & Hyper Threading


An Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge Processor is an absolute minimum for traders these days.   Anything less and your machine will become obsolete very quickly.  Ivy Bridge supersedes Sandy Bridge.

Grey, MI writes:

If I were to be honest, I guess I could be called a ‘high maintenance’ customer. I’m highly discriminatory and a bit paranoid. I’m a day trader…enough said. In short, I value competency above all – you don’t have to be nice (though it’s easier that way)…but you REALLY need to know your stuff. After you’ve bought /purchased the product/service…you have to live with that choice (forever?) so I tend to be a stickler about quality. My experience with Eddie and EZ Trading Computers meets all of this criteria…he answered all my question (I had many) AND was always courteous…but most important the computer answered all my needs.  And was a fair price. This is a quality product…thought out from the ground up to address a particular niche market and it shows. I would recommend to anyone looking to address their trading needs to take a hard look at Eddie and EZ Trading Computers…ask him some questions…put him through his paces you won’t be disappointed.

Grey bought an Ultra ZR1 EZ Trading Computer